Astral Phantom

Astral Phantom 1.21

Action Adventure Space Game

Astral Phantom is an action-adventure game that brings you into a surreal world of magic packed with action and one of a kind adventure. In this game, you are the chosen one to fight evil aliens who want to destroy and take over the planet.

With the help of Phantom, the only alien ship capable of chasing after these alien creatures along the astral plane, you must fly and destroy them before they destroy you and the planet.

Astral Phantom is composed of 28 levels of game play, long enough to keep you playing for hours and hours. This game is full of deadly obstacles, evil spirits, vicious traps and more to keep you challenged.

You need quick reflexes and fast thinking skills to get through this game filled with dangers. The visuals and graphics of Astral Phantom are detailed and high quality with no dead pixels or low-resolution in-game attributes.

This game also comes with customizable features, sound effects and background music. System minimum requirements needed are 40MB of hard disk space, 16MB of 3D graphics and Microsoft DirectX 7.